Savoy Hotel - AMENITIES

Savoy Hotel suites are truly world-class and being the center of accommodation for the guests and the pleasure seekers of its 30-hectare township development project, the entire hotel is packed with awesomely good amenities and reactional facilities. 

Adult pools and kiddie pools alike are available with matching sunbathing area. This is to give non-beach goers to have the opportunity to enjoy the blue water and the sun within the comfort zone of the hotel. This despite the fact that beaches are just a few steps away from the hotel premises. Professional lifeguards are on duty 24/7 to make sure that pool users particularly the children are always safe. The children’s pool is located near the adult lap pool for security reasons. 

A well operational gym is also available within the premises of the hotel with all equipment available similar to any regular commercial fitness gymnasium. This is an important amenity that most of the younger guests would look into. A gym instructor is also available for assistance. Apart from this, a spa and sauna center is also available with the full assistance of a professional attendant. And to treat the eyes, a beautifully maintained, the well-landscaped flower garden is available at the lawn area for everyone to see and enjoy. 

For the safety of all residents and the entire hotel, there is a team of well-trained security personnel who will be on shifting round the clock. To aid the efficiency of this security personnel, closed-circuit television cameras are placed all over the hotel fully monitored within the security office. The security force and the controlled access is duly supported by the city’s police station. 

And to make sure that parking is as convenient as staying in the hotel, all of the 500 available units will be assigned with its own parking lot at the underground level and as well as at the outdoor parking facilities. Each of these parking spaces is accessible digitally through swipe access cards. And within the hotel, 8 different units of high-speed elevators are available to aid the mobility of residents, up and down the building. 

Throughout the hotel, food and drink bars are available, as well as a wide range of restaurants to satiate the needs of most pleasure and business travelers who are hotel guests. From these line of restaurants, foods and drinks can be availed. Gaming areas right beside the restaurants are all available as well. 

While some of the guests would love to enjoy what the restaurants can offer, others may prefer to cook their own food, thus, each of the 500 units of the hotel was given access to have their own cooking gadgets at their own spaces. Cooking gas lines through a centralized safety piping runs across the building to allow each unit to cook for their own foods. 

For each of the hotel unit, top of the line service facilities are functionally working. A fiber optic telephone and internet system have been pre-provisioned in each of the rooms. This will ensure that business travelers are able to touch base without going through the pain of poor connections. Wireless internet connection signal is also available throughout the hotel for every body’s convenience. 

To maintain cleanliness, housekeeping, garbage collection, and hotel cleaning maintenance are being done every day to ensure that all everything is in order. One team is assigned to make sure that all in-house works required to be done daily are doing their job – that’s the Human Resource Department of the hotel. Fixtures that require maintenance and repairs are being attended to the same that they are reported to the Human Resource team by front desk personnel.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Sun Bathing lounge
  • Pool Bar
  • Children's Pool
  • Herb/Flower Garden
  • Fitness Center
  • Male/Female Shower and changing rooms with toilets
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