Savoy Hotel - Towers

Savoy Hotel Mactan

Located in Mactan Newtown just 15 minutes from Mactan International Airport, the savoy hotel mactan offers the perfect getaway. Situated in Cebu, a culture and history rich Island in the southern Philippines, the place offers a great hub for businesses as well as travelers. Mactan Newtown is full of vibrant communities that exemplify the culture of live-work -play and learn. Among the trendiest destinations in the Philippines, New town now adds Savoy Hotel as another spectacular place to look out for and to be a part of. Developed by Megaworld, the country largest developer and leaser of office spaces and integrated urban town ships, you can be guaranteed of state of the art amenities and living spaces. One of the highlights of the location is the walking distance to the beach.

Savoy Hotel Mactan Newtown is a luxurious 18 story condomenium containing 547 guest rooms that include executive suites, juniour suites, queen suites and even special units designed to accommodate the specially abled. There is state of the art unit amenities with housekeeping and room service ready to cater to your requests.

Standard features for all the guest rooms include;
•    Entrance panel door with viewer
•    Wi-Fi internet access
•    Hot and cold water supply lines in both the toilet and bath
•    Centralized air conditioning
•    Mechanical ventilation in toilet and bath
•    Cable TV
•    Multi-functioning telephone system
•    Modular closet
•    Temperature control system
•    Condominium certificate of title

Unit Features and Highlights
The executive suites range between 46 square meters and 51 square meters in floor space and have the following features and highlights
•    Living space with coffee table and sofa
•    Wall mounted LCD TV
•    Minibar
•    Safety deposit box
•    Bedroom with queen size bed pillows and linen
•    Dresser night table and lamp
•    Ceramic plank flooring
•    Ceramic tile flooring in toilet and bathroom
•    Homogeneous tile flooring in the living area
•    Carpet at the bedroom sleeping area

The queen suites floor space is between 23 to 27.4 square meters. Features include;
•    Sofa, Desk and chair
•    Wall mounted LCD TV
•    Mini bar
•    Sleeping area with queen size bed
•    Safety deposit box
•    Ceramic plank flooring
•    Ceramic tile flooring for toilet and bath
•    Carpet at sleeping area

Handicap suites are 27.4 square meters. Features include;

•    Wall mounted LCD TV
•    Mini bar
•    Coffee table with reading chair
•    Night table and lamp
•    Safety deposit box
•    Sleeping area with queen size bed and pillows
•    Ceramic plank flooring
•    Ceramic tiles in toilet and bath
•    Carpet flooring in sleeping area

The junior suites floor space is 31.8 square meters. features and highlights include,
•    Ceramic plank flooring
•    Ceramic tile flooring in toilet and bath
•    Sofa desk and chair
•    Wall mounted LCD TV
•    Mini bar
•    Night table with lamp
•    Sleeping area with queen size bed, linen and pillows

The twin suites feature include;
•    Minibar
•    Coffee table and chair
•    Ceramic plank flooring
•    Ceramic tile flooring in toilet and bath
•    Sleeping area with twin beds, linen beddings and pillows
•    Spacious toilet and bath
•    Wall mounted LCD TV
•    Safety deposit box.


Amenities at the Savoy Hotel Mactan represent state of the art and include among others:
•    Hotel key card security system
•    Grand entrance and drop off points
•    Lobby and lounge area with high ceiling
•    Full time concierge
•    Business center
•    Wi-fi internet
•    Function room
•    Coffee shop
•    Backup power supply
•    Swimming pool
•    Sun bathing lounge
•    Pool bar
•    Fitness center
•    Four high speed interior finished elevators
•    24-hour security command center



Tips for a Family Friendly Place

If you are a young family and simply starting out or whether you are growing your family, your home needs to take account of the little beings scurrying around the place. A house needs to be child proof in order for it to not be a health and safety concern. Let us look at some of the measures that you can talk.

1.    Build safety measures
Whether it is with a young child or preparing for a new arrival, safety is of paramount importance. One of the ways you can improve on this is by installing childproof gates at the top and bottom of staircases and keeping objects that could be harmful out of reach.

2.    Hide sockets and switches
This can be done by keeping the electric sockets protected by use of socket covers. This will prevent the kids from touching and poking it which could easily result in electrocution. Nowadays it is possible to install shock proof sockets with automatic shutters as well.

3.    Make use of smart storage
From toys to cribs to strollers, children need a lot of things that in turn require quite a bit of space. By making use of smart storage ideas, you will ensure that there is enough space for your kid to roam around and play, all while keeping potential dangers away such as that precarious flower vase that could fall on someone if disturbed or moved.

4.    Avoid sharp edges
Children will often explore around the house and therefore any sharp pointed edge that is within range poses a significant danger. This is because they will often bump into them with their heads leading to injury. One of the ways to manage this is to include circular furniture. If, however this is not your style then investing in special edge protectors is a viable alternative.

5.    Keep your walls protected
With kids around, it is likely that the walls of your house will gather stains and crayon marks over time. By using paint that is easy to clean or incorporating black board paint on to your interior design, you can stay one step ahead of the game.

6.    Consider a change in color
Lighter pigments such as white or cream may have once been your color of choice but with a toddler scurrying around, perhaps it would be best to consider darker shades for your living room carpet. Darker colors are better at hiding stains and will save you from having to clean too frequently. Darker shades have also been proven to stimulate brain development in newborns.

7.    Create playrooms
These can be spaces in the living room or otherwise which the kids can call their own. Playrooms will stop them from always roaming around as their interests will be focused on the fun things around. The playroom also gives you the chance to make it a secure place where you don’t have to worry about your child being exposed to risk concerns.